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Then & now

Emily is getting spayed today. I’m a huge advocate for spaying and neutering our pets. To commemorate the milestone, we’re celebrating Emily in pictures all weekend. The picture above was taken in January; Emily had only been with us for … Continue reading

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Emily’s ear reboot

I recently saw something on Facebook illustrating the dachshund ear reboot. This isn’t my first post about paying homage to the fame doxie ear flip, but this is the first one where Emily is wearing her Rufus’ hand-me-down Dylan polo … Continue reading

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On top of the world

I’m always on the lookout for things to do with Rufus and his friends. We’re naturally avid hikers since Los Angeles offers ample opportunity for it, but this weekend we’re skipping the hike to take advantage of the annual Wild … Continue reading

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Pootie & Ella

Dachshunds are funny-looking dogs with their long bodies and commonly comical in their personalities. Pootie, the red smooth doxie, and his sister, Ella the longhair, were two funny doxies when I photographed them in May 2011. I’ve snapped a lot … Continue reading

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Manic Monday

Take a break from the rat race this manic Monday to hang with the dogs.

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Cinco de Mayo continued

Hope it was a great one.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all of our Mexican American friends. Ole! May the tequila and tacos be plentiful all day long.

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Happy Birthday Aly Claire

Celebrating her 6th birthday, Aly Claire is today’s featured dachshund. Aly is almost always in a dress or other fun colorful outfit. During our photo shoot I took a few pics sans her dress, and it was immediately apparent she … Continue reading

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FILManthropy Festival silent auction

When I’m not photographing doxies, I’m pursuing my charitable endeavors. Rufus and Emily are unofficial ambassadors of the FILManthropy Festival, and today we’re featuring one of the items we secured for the silent auction courtesy of Jackrocketwear. If you’re around … Continue reading

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Cuba & Havana

Introducing another cute red and black and tan doxie pairing: Cuba Kisses and Havana Hugs. The two are aunt and niece. During the shoot Havana was very shy and clung to Cuba. Wherever Cuba was, Havana wanted to be. Luckily … Continue reading

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