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Kaia update

As many of you probably remember DOGS sponsored Kaia and helped with the cost of her back surgery and 6-month rehabilitation in late 2012. I got to spend last weekend with Kaia and found her to be well and walking. … Continue reading

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Rockin Dachshunds and Friends on Facebook

Rufus and Emily are always happy to try out new dachshund centric products – especially from independently owned small businesses that draw inspiration from their own pack of dachshunds. Rockin Dachshunds and Friends on Facebook specializes in making dachshund themed … Continue reading

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Doxie Rescue Alert

Another week and another batch of rescue dachshunds looking for their forever families. I have no words this week, only their photos. We’re wishing them all the best on their journey to a loving home. For more information or to … Continue reading

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Magnificent Rufus

Rufus the magnificent.  Whereas Emily is sweet and shy, Rufus is noble and brave.  He is a strong and handsome statesman of the proud dachshund community.  I find him to be very distinguished in his carriage.  I love Rufus.

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Behind the camera

Today is your weekly dose of Emily, my adorable smooth black and tan, and today I offer a little personal anecdote along with it. I absolutely enjoy photographing Emily and the camera loves her, but photographing Emily is completely a … Continue reading

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Introducing Candie, the red smooth miniature dachshund. The precious pup is a rescue in foster care under the supervision of Dachshund Rescue & Placement. Luckily she may already have a permanent placement in review. She’s sweet and playful. She reminds friends … Continue reading

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Rufus and his toys

Rufus does enjoy his toys, and I certainly adore watching him play with them. For me, it’s like watching doxie TV. I’m a big advocate that our dachshunds only play with their toys while we – their humans – supervise … Continue reading

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Happy days

It’s a bright new day.  I dare say nearly every day with a dachshund is a happy day.  Make it a great one friends.

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Dog Inspired Rag Quilts

Many dachshund fans know our doxies love to burrow. Whether it is under blankets, freshly dried laundry or a pile of pillows our pups love to dig and bury themselves. I’m a huge admirer of the snuggle beds, and I … Continue reading

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Cuddle buddies

Today’s featured photos are not necessarily artistic or stylized. The composition is a little messy to be honest, but I love the feeling they bring me when I see them. Deciding to expand the pack was a decision that took … Continue reading

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