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Doxie rescues and another adoption event

Yesterday I got to meet four wonderful dachshunds searching for their forever families. A red longhair and a red wirehair – both are possible doxie-mixes, and two purebred black and tan smooths that are a bonded pair (litter mates I … Continue reading

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Leo the smooth dapple

Reviewing my catalog of dachshund portraitures I found these adorable photos of Leo, the red smooth dapple doxie. I thought for certain I had previously shared them, but much to my surprise I hadn’t. So it’s my pleasure to share … Continue reading

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Rufus’ profile

I believe the dachshund has a very distinct and attractive head. The long and pronounced snout, the cute floppy ears, and that adorable black button nose makes it recognizable from distance. I especially love Rufus‘ profile and head shoot. Rufus … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Onslow

Rufus and Emily are wishing their friend Onslow a very happy belated birthday.  He turned 5 this past Friday.  Onslow is one of the featured doxies in the book 102 Dachshunds.  If you don’t already have your copy, get it … Continue reading

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Emily. Emily. Emily.  We love you Emily.  You’re a silly, squirmy and quirky little doxie.  You’re almost the complete opposite of the bold and brave Rufus, but we love you and all the sweetness you bring to our lives daily.  Today, for … Continue reading

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I caught these sweet moments of Rufus and Emily, and with a little photoshop, I thought they could make for some really great all-purpose postcards.  I’m a huge fan of the dachshund silhouette.  What do you think?!  Would you buy some!?

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Jake and Sadie finale

Our week-long tribute to the two darling longhair doxies comes to an end.  It was fun celebrating these two magnificent dachshunds.  Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

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Happy Birthday Jake

It’s the birthday boy.  Today Jake turns 12.  Let’s all join together to wish him a very happy one and many more returns.

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Today’s all about Sadie.  What do you think of this black and tan dapple longhair beauty?!

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Jake & Sadie

This week I’m thrilled to introduce Jake and Sadie. I had tried to photograph these darling doxies back in 2011, but due to schedule conflicts it just didn’t happen. But I guess the old adage is true, all good things … Continue reading

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