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Dachshund slice of life

I like photographing and videoing the many aspects of my dachshunds lives and sharing them with you. I like doing professional portraitures, and I also like catching them in their natural habitat doing whatever they do in a given moment. I … Continue reading

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Three dachshunds is the perfect number for us. I originally thought three might be too much work (and three is more work, time and money than two or one) but… I’ve come to really love three, and believe it’s the right … Continue reading

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Dachshund friends

We love our dachshund friends, and hope every long-bodied hound out there has some to call their own. Dachshund friendship are good. Enjoy the pictures friends.

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Lily’s first swim

Lily is a total beach bum and enjoys the Pacific Ocean regularly; she has even been known to go for a boat ride on the nearby lake, but today was her first swim in a pool. She did excellent, and … Continue reading

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Old friends

I meet new dachshunds (online and in-person) nearly daily, and I love to make new friends. However, I do sincerely enjoy our old, dear, tried and true four-legged companions – especially those with whom I have an established bond and relationship. We have known Wes … Continue reading

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Triple the dachshund fun

Rufus, Emily and Lily wish all of our dachshund friends well. Be happy doxie people. This was the scene today as we prepared to go for an adventure. Everyone patiently waiting at the front door with their hug-a-dog harnesses and … Continue reading

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The girls

Emily and Lily are two precious darling dachshunds, and I’m so grateful for them both. Our days are filled with several sweet and funny moments like these. Have a wonderful one dachshund friends.

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Random slice of life

More random slice of life moments with dachshunds. Whatever they’re doing wherever they’re doing it, I love them! How about you?!  

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The party goes on

Continuing the celebration of Lily, we visited our favorite local dog park this morning and had a blast with some fellow dachshund friends. Pictures of said friends will follow in the days ahead, but in the meantime enjoy this cute … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Lily

Happy, happy birthday to our little lovely Lily Blossom. We spent the morning at one of our favorite dog beaches in Southern California, and now we’re just taking it easy. Everyone, including me, are all tired out from running in the … Continue reading

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