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Superdoxiemodel Emily

The camera absolutely loves Emily. I can get a good picture from many dachshunds, but with Emily it just comes a little easier. What do you think?! Is she a superdoxiemodel?!

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A beautiful day

Rufus hopes everyone is having a very happy day – wherever you are, whatever the temperature – enjoy your dachshund(s) and smile. Mine make me laugh daily, and bring cheer to my life regularly with their quirkily entertaining personalities. Tail … Continue reading

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SoCal Winters

In Southern California we’re having some unseasonably warm temperatures in the 80s this month (even for us). Making the most of it, Rufus and I took a friend visiting from out-of-town to the beach this week, and today’s entry features … Continue reading

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More of elegant Emily

Emily enjoys dog parks at sunset, regular hikes and walks on the beach. What are some of your dachshund’s favorite pastimes?!

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More Lily Blossom

Today is all about Lily Blossom. She continues to be a shy petite dachshund, but each day she seems to get a little braver and bolder. Thankfully via regular socialization – routine hikes, consistent dog park visits and fun beach … Continue reading

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Happy dachshunds

I truly believe my dachshunds are happiest when they’re being active with me. Emily will sometimes be reluctant to leave the house – the two reds are always eager and willing; I believe Emily is a real home body but … Continue reading

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Our 2014 theme is socialization. Today after our afternoon hike, we stopped by the local dog park for a sunset romp in the maple-tree-looking leaves. It was the perfect cool down after our trek, and we happily share some of the … Continue reading

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Sunset Sunday

As the sun sets on another day and another week, we wish all of our dachshund friends a very happy and good night. Tomorrow is a new day and a new week, and we’re eager to discover what fun adventures it … Continue reading

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Leaner Wieners

Part of keeping a dachshund healthy and happy is exercising them consistently and properly. It’s a brand new year and time to renew our commitments to physical fitness, and I know of no better motivators than my dachshund pack. Additionally, … Continue reading

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Emily hopes everyone had a great day. We laid in the sun, hiked and napped. It was a very full and fun doxie day. Tail wags to all.

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