Pre-Labor Day weekend beach excursion

In anticipation of the Labor Day weekend, we headed to the beach today. We expect the beaches will be crowded this weekend as many folks say goodbye to summer so we wanted to get ours in before the masses arrive. It was a lovely day for it. Proof is in the video. Enjoy dachshund friends.

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6 Responses to Pre-Labor Day weekend beach excursion

  1. no dachshunds were lost in the big waves….and no visible tar….xoxo

  2. vkpretz says:

    I loved this Johnny! You had your hands full with the little Rascals too! Beautiful Beach and looks like a perfect day! Thank you for sharing I am so happy that you love Ojai. Looks like you have found your paradise. <3

  3. Jackie Sikora says:

    Lovely! Thank you so much for your photographs & videos. They always start my day with a smile. Makes what looks like a tough day a bit easier!

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