Lovely Lily

Lily | July 2013.  Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Lily | July 2013. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

I know the longer Lily is with us, the harder it will be to say goodbye but I know we can do it. Milo was part of our daily lives for a year and half. We loved him and the thought of him not being there anymore was difficult but… we went on and it was nice to return to two. Part of Lily’s massive appeal personally for me is her tiny size; she’s like a pocket-size dachshund. But puppies don’t stay puppies forever. Both Rufus and Emily were Lily’s size at one time and today they’re full-grown at a healthy and happy 11 pounds. Lily may or may not ever make it to 11 pounds, and that’s how it goes when you adopt a puppy; the mystery of what it will become overtime.

I do think having three dachshunds is a great number to aspire to, when one is ready. Here is my tried and true philosophy (based on all that I have experienced first hand and via close friends): One doxie is good for the active human that take his dachshund with him everywhere. Traveling with one is easy and they make great travel companions – whether it’s to the local mall or another state. Two (or more) is good for the human that works traditional hours or must be away from home a lot, because they keep each other company. One can still travel with two dachshunds (though it can be more challenging). Three is the ideal number because when you have a pair, the loss of one can be traumatic for the surviving dachshund. Three nearly guarantees that your pups won’t ever be alone – even in the event one dies. Additionally with three, you can travel with one (which is easier than two or three) and leave two at home guilt free because you know they have each other. With two dachshunds, either both go or both stay but I feel like it’s rude and unfair to leave one home alone without a four-legged friend or human. I know we have asked the question before, but what’s your doxie number?! Has it recently evolved from the last time we asked?! The number can easily go up or down.  Despite the temptress Lily, I believe my number today remains strong at 2.

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8 Responses to Lovely Lily

  1. Jane Krueger says:

    Wonderful pictures of an adorable doxie!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Several years ago I htit some very hard time financially and had to place Gretchen in a tempoary and loving home. She had a Doxie pal named “Wiener” and a boxer named Ike for dog friends. Gretchen and I tolerated each other but Gretchen and Wiener were the best of friends. They did Doxie stuff together. They took walks without a human and thank goodness they lived on a cul de sac! They ran in circles and rolled on the grass, shared toys and were the best of friends. I finally got an apartment and brought Gretchen home. She did not know me in many ways. She started to eat non-food items. She vomited up knee hi’s and I had to pull plastic Walmart like bags out of her! My Vet told me that they would have killed her. She did not adapt to living with her human Mom. One of my daughters said that Gretchen had severe separation anxiety after I left the house for ten minutes! I will NEVER again let Gretchen stay with anyone else for more than a few hours. I am interviewing a new Vet and will ask about medication for her separation anxiety. We think that all dogs adapt to new homes but they don’t. NEVER again will I leave the dog that trusts
    and loves me like she does. It will break your heart to let Lily go even to the best of homes. She is smart and so charming and you have given your heart to her. Do what is best for the both of you.

  3. Davy Doxie's Person says:

    I can’t think of anything more heart melting than coming home to a chorus line of wagging, wiggling, happy little Dachshunds! I wish I could have ten or more. Imagine twenty little Doxie ears flapping and twenty doleful brown eyes following their persons all around the house!! Smiles guaranteed.
    Alas, that isn’t going to happen right now (or maybe ever, as just one is often all the Doxie I can manage, and still keep my pride intact), so I am content with my one, and his Maltie-Apso sidekick.
    Davy Jones does an amazing job of being the only Doxie in a four (small) dog household. But I do often wonder if life would be more enjoyable for him with another Dachshund, instead of the current mix and match. I also know my second dog would be lost without his Dachshund buddy, who teaches him the things I can’t (like how to use the doggie door, and how to get unstuck from that place underneath the house, and what gophers are for). So my number is one, for now… for now…. 😉

  4. says:

    Have 2 would love 3 a red smooth male named Kodi

  5. I have 3 at the moment! I had 2 when I first moved to Florida. Upon finding a rescue site on Facebook I decided to adopt a third! On April 13Th little miss twennie Dachshund Duchess arrived to be part of my little family! We hit a few rough patches for a bit but with love and gentle corrections she has turned out to have a heart of gold. My first little female was terrified of Duchess after she attacked my male over toys..After this was fixed she and my little Lena Lu have become fast friends. They play,roll around and have a great time now. Even getting into a crate together to rest! Since all this happened I have become a foster “Mom”for the rescue group!! My first foster was a partially blind older Doxie. Because of her poor eye site she would go after my 2 older cats and my tiny kitten. But she was great with my 3 dogs. Duchess would even go into the crate,bump her with her nose as if to say, This way old girl and lead her to the door to go outside…Duchess was very gentle with her. Because of her dislike of my cats/kitten she moved on to another home. My 2ed foster arrives this Sunday and we are excited! I absolutely love this breed. They are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!

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