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Feels like fall

It’s cold in Southern California (by our standards) which means it’s the perfect occasion to sleep in and snuggle in our beds as Rufus demonstrates in today’s post. Hope everyone is doing great on this Wiener Dog Wednesday. Don’t forget … Continue reading

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Dachshund domination on the trail

Twice now I’ve had the privilege to hike with five dachshunds on one of my favorite trails, and I’m not certain who enjoys it more 1) me, 2) the doxies or 3) the fellow hikers who smile big as we … Continue reading

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Standard wirehairs

Every 3rd Sunday of the month is what I call “Sunday Doxie Fun Day.” For the last 9 years we have been meeting monthly with our social group LA Doxies. This weekend was our annual pack walk, and I got … Continue reading

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Caption this

I love reviewing varied outtakes from my personal catalog of dachshund delights, and I have picked two for you today. What do think these dachshunds were thinking or doing during these photos!?? From left to right, we have Rufus, Lola … Continue reading

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Bella Blu revisited

Today is my 692nd daily post, and I’m telling you that random fact because sometimes I struggle with what I want to showcase each day. Every now and then when I’m at a lost with what to share I’ll go … Continue reading

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Kasie, the wirehair

Sometimes I have dachshund cravings, and as I was considering today’s post, I was longing to feature a wirehair dachshund. After a quick review of my archives I decided to share Kasie.  Our longhair dachshunds T-shirts arrive on Monday for disbursement, … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday with Rufus

These are from September 2008. I took them with my 35mm film camera. Before I went hardcore digital, I did experiment with film. I love the look of them and Rufus, but the process was too costly for me personally. … Continue reading

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Random Emily

Emily giving good face with those bright captivating eyes of hers. Make it a great one doxie friends.

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Rufus’ friends

Random delectable dachshund delights with Polie and Leo.

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Millie is one of Dachshund Paws and Pals’ rescues and is meeting a perspective forever family today (Monday). We’re keeping our paws and tails crossed in hopes it’s another love match for the rescue. Millie came the organization as a … Continue reading

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