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Pack update

Hello friends. It’s Rufus, Emily & Lily. ❤ ❤ ❤ Quick update. Life is good. We’re maintaining and sustaining, and we’re looking forward to celebrating our 15th Christmas with our frosty face Rufus. We suspect this will be his last. … Continue reading

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Happy 8th Birthday Emily Sue

Today our sweet black and tan smooth dachshund Emily Sue turned 8 years old. ❤ The story is Emily, along with her litter mates and mom, were surrendered to the Lancaster Shelter one day after she was born. We took … Continue reading

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He’s still here

Good times and bum times, we’ve seen them all and, my dear, he’s still here!!!  Wednesday, Aug. 21st, Rufus celebrated his 15th birthday. What an absolutely beautiful milestone. We’re so grateful for it. ❤ We commemorated the midweek, midday occasion … Continue reading

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The final chapter

Rufus. The final chapter: Friday, August 2nd, Rufus woke up lethargic; we were deeply concerned. Why do dogs seem to get an ailment right as we go into the weekend when the vets’ office hours become limited?? Saturday, August 3rd, … Continue reading

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Family day at Dog Park

We love our hikes at nearby waterfalls, we love our sunset walks on the beach and we love attending our monthly meetups throughout Southern California, but sometimes we have just as much fun or more visiting our local dog park … Continue reading

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Summer solstice, Big Bear Lake and more

Rufus’ farewell tour continues. The week of June 10th through June 14th (after two consecutive weeks of hiking), we stayed home and rested. After our Father’s Day meetup (June 16th), which was really fun, we kept taking it easy. #RestAndRelaxation … Continue reading

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Dachshund Sunday Funday

Today was another Dachshund Sunday Funday. ❤ Our Father’s Day meetup was an intimate group but fun. We had seven sweet sausage hounds and four families. We had a 14-weeks-old puppy, three seniors (including Rufus) and three daring dachshunds in … Continue reading

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Netflix and Chill

Sometimes we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but just do it better, and that’s what I believe our friends at Scruff have done.  Continue reading

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Chasing waterfalls

Don’t go chasing waterfalls! Please, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to. 🙂 #TLC #Waterfalls wa·ter·fall /ˈwôdərˌfôl,ˈwädərˌfôl/ noun a cascade of water falling from a height, formed when a river or stream flows over a precipice … Continue reading

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Rufus’ farewell tour continues

It has been a busy week for Rufus and his pack. Monday we had our second quarter blood work for Rufus; and we can confirm Rufus has progressed to Kidney Disease Stage III. 😦 We did some sub q fluids … Continue reading

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