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© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

We absolutely love our excursions to local waterfalls, beaches and dog parks, and our time outside the house makes our time in so much sweeter. Some days, especially in Southern California during the peak season of visiting tourists, our pack of hounds and their humans like a lazy day at home watching #Netflix and chilling. #NetflixAndChill

While getting my undergraduate degree in Journalism, I wrote for a student publication where I reviewed local music, restaurants and events. Going back to my roots, I want to offer the following endorsements for #DogFriendly programing on Netflix.

My posh pack and I approved the following:

It’s Bruno — This series is short-format (about 15 minutes an episode) with a bing worthy 8 episodes. The story centers around a Puggle (Pug and Beagle mix) named Bruno. In all honesty, the series is less about Bruno and more about his devoted human and his life centered around his dog. I think many of our readers will identify with the hero and be entertained by colorful supportive cast. The series is funny with lots of insight to the trials of dog guardianship many of us know well. 🙂

Patrick — This is a scripted feature film showcasing Patrick the pug. What we like most about this film, is the journey the pug’s human experiences. A single woman grudgingly accepts a dog and her life changes for the better. I can certainly relate to the experience.

Life in the Doghouse — This documentary showcases two men and their life-long efforts to rescue and place over 11,000 dogs. It’s heart-wrenching and tough at times to watch, but overall inspires hopes and reminds us all to #AdoptNotShop. ❤ And this one has a dachshund making a cameo in it. ❤

When my pack of hounds and I are home, we like to be comfortable. The humans like to be in their comfy loose clothes, and the dachshunds love to be on their comfy, luxurious beds as we all lounge around the house together. #LazyDaysofSummer

We recently received an appropriate and timely gift from our friends at #PetsLoveScruffs in the UK; the Chester Mattress dog bed. What we like most about this dog bed, is the simplicity of it. Sometimes we don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but just do it better, and that’s what I believe our friends at Scruff have done.

They use recycled and super soft materials, and the bed is masterfully constructed with durable stitch work. And of course, the key stone to any good dog bed, is being machine washable. Yes. We’ve already washed ours once and it holds up. Do not tumble dry it. We also really enjoy the non-slip bottom base.

Remember friends, we only recommend products (and shows) that we’ve experienced first-hand.

Okay. Whatever you and your precious pups are doing this weekend, we hope you’re doing it together and having good time while doing it. ❤

If you’re in need of something new to watch on Netflix check out our recommendations above, and if you need a new dog bed (and can we ever have too many) check out our friends at Pets Love Scruffs. They got some good ones. 🙂

Finally, when you’re ready to get out and about again, consider joining us for LA Doxies’ Father Day Monthly Meetup. Click here for the details. Let’s celebrate #DachshundDads together if you’re in the area.

Sunday, June 16th | Windrow Off-leash Dog Park
From 1 pm to 4 pm
Owens River Dr. & N. Ventura Rd.
Oxnard, CA 93036

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© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |


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