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Paradise Falls

Another week. Another Monday. And another adventure with Rufus in the books. This time we visited Paradise Falls in Thousand Oaks, and it was an absolutely perfect day for it. There was a little overcast, but that often helps the … Continue reading

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Monday’s Malibu Hike

On Monday Rufus and his human (and our nephew Sam) decided to visit the Edward Albert Escondido Canyon Trail and Waterfalls in Malibu, California. It was a wonderfully fun excursion, and one we happily recommend. I did carry Rufus for … Continue reading

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Another Dachshund Sunday Funday

    Organizing our monthly meetup events can sometimes be more works than I enjoy (in the moment), but once my pack of hounds and I are there on the scene and see all of our friends (new and old) … Continue reading

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Carrizo Plain National Monument

Last week after our adventure to see the beautiful poppies in Lancaster, we decided to take the pack to the Carrizo Plain National Monument. It was a scenic, serene and sweet satisfaction for the soul. Exactly what we needed in the wake … Continue reading

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Poppy season

I move forward like the seasons That season ends, then another begins — Greyson Chance With my father’s recent passing, we’re certainly mindful of taking advantage of as many opportunities as we can each day. ❤ I have wanted to … Continue reading

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Rufus’ grandpa died

Rufus’ grandpa died on Wednesday, March 27, 2019. My father. Johnny N. Ortez, Sr. Rufus and his humans give our deepest sympathies to our grandma (Maudeain Ortez-Vickers). Who has now survived four of her five children. Along with our Aunt … Continue reading

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Dogs make me a healthy and happier human

It’s true. Having dogs in my life has made me a healthier and happier human. ❤ I say this pretty often, and many folks that have cute canine companions agree. But some people (often those without dogs or pets) think … Continue reading

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Sunday share / Rufus update

Hello friends. As you may (or may not) remember from some of our social media postings, Rufus finally got his anesthetic teeth cleaning on Wednesday, March 13. Yay!!! He was denied on February 12th, a month earlier, due to concerns … Continue reading

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Happy Thursday

Hello friends. Last week was emotionally rough for us with Rufus’ dental cleaning being denied, but it’s a new week and we’re pushing forward. Life and time stop for no man or dog. Truthfully, we took this week off. After … Continue reading

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Rufus update February 2019

One year ago, Rufus was diagnosed with early stages of Kidney disease. It was heartbreaking. We changed his diet, as advised, and we just kind of put it on a shelf. There isn’t much one can really do (or so … Continue reading

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