Pack update

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

Hello friends. It’s Rufus, Emily & Lily. ❤ ❤ ❤

Quick update. Life is good. We’re maintaining and sustaining, and we’re looking forward to celebrating our 15th Christmas with our frosty face Rufus. We suspect this will be his last.

We have become more of homebodies than usual. When Rufus got sick, back in July, we stopped administering heart worm, flea meds, Bordetella, etc. We didn’t want to put extra strain on his kidneys. Since Rufus has a repressed immune system, and is more vulnerable than usual, we try to be judicious with our public outings.

We still get out, and Rufus enjoys his daily car rides, but we limit dog park visits, beach frolics, and happy hikes. I also try to carry him during most of these outings vs. letting him walk. We recently just visited the beach though this past Thursday; the girls were getting restless and we all needed some fresh air.

Proof is in the pictures. Check them out. 😎👍🏼

More holiday photos to follow. Stay tuned. We ❤ you all.

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3 Responses to Pack update

  1. Lauri says:

    So glad Rufus is hanging in there. Jacob is 15 today. Still under cancer treatment but he is doing great. My white face. I posted some pics of now & 1 8 yrs ago

  2. Shawn says:

    Happy to hear you continue to enjoy the love of Rufus!! The pack looks great! Ginger is hanging in there, too. She’s 15 and a half and we enjoy every moment as well. Give your sweet boy some extra love from the Burton’s. 🐾❤🐶

  3. Jennifer Liu says:

    I am so happy! Love these guys!😘🎄💖

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