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Meet Olga Rose

Olga Rose is the single wirehair dachshund puppy from Sophie. I love photographing dachshund puppies. Olga is starting to walk and is very curious about the world around her. It’s super sweet to witness, and I’m happy to share the … Continue reading

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Swimming dachshunds

I adore these photos of our dachshunds swimming. Their big round eyes are focused on two things; getting to the other side and getting out of the water. They’re not water dogs, but they can swim and it’s sweet to see … Continue reading

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Dachshund friends

We love our dachshund friends, and hope every long-bodied hound out there has some to call their own. Dachshund friendship are good. Enjoy the pictures friends.

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Old friends

I meet new dachshunds (online and in-person) nearly daily, and I love to make new friends. However, I do sincerely enjoy our old, dear, tried and true four-legged companions – especially those with whom I have an established bond and relationship. We have known Wes … Continue reading

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Dachshund guests

I think one thing that made our dachshund art exhibit different (and perhaps better in my opinion) is that we allowed dachshunds and their humans to both join us. Some galleries can be uptight and obnoxious about allowing dogs in, … Continue reading

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RIP Sammy

Last Thursday, June 19 we got word that Sammy the wirehair dachshund had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. These are absolutely my least favorite types of emails to receive, but I’m always touched that their humans contact me and let me … Continue reading

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Battle of the tee shirt designs

Only two days left to pre-order your DOGS Summer 2014 tee at the discounted price points. It’s not a real battle, but in my mind it’s always fun to see which designs are the most popular among our dachshund friends. … Continue reading

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102 Dachshunds the book

For this week’s Throwback Thursday entry, we’re featuring the wirehair Westin Henry and Rufus from our 2011 photo series. The two dapper dachshunds are in our book for charity 102 Dachshunds. You can still get your autographed copy of the first run, … Continue reading

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Dachshund puppies

In February 2012, I photographed my friend’s wirehair dachshund puppies. I love dachshund puppies; they’re truly a guilty pleasure of mine. I’d love to have a whole litter of dachshund puppies all to myself, but thankfully I have showed restraint … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday Wirehair Edition

I love these this little wirehair guy: Harold. We photographed him last March, and I still love his pictures today. What do you think?! Is Harold the bee’s knee?!

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