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999 hiking the mountain in style

Today is our 999th post, and it features two of our favorites: Rufus and Emily. This morning we all went for our regular Saturday hike and it was a perfect day for it with the cool temps. Emily and Rufus wore their hug-a-dog … Continue reading

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Wiener Dog Wednesday

It’s one of your favorite doxie trios: Rufus, Emily and Lily. Today it was a nice cool 73 degrees and it finally felt like fall in Southern California. We celebrated the occasion with a 2 and a half mile hike up … Continue reading

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Hiking Emily

Emily was slaying it today on the trail; she looked good and moved well. After several months off, we decided to finally make our return to it. We didn’t do the whole trail today because Rufus was a little slow going, … Continue reading

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The weather as of late has been pretty inviting in Southern California, and ideal hiking weather. Some days I’m less interested in hiking than others, but then I remember how much fun my little short-legged hounds have while being out … Continue reading

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On top of the world

Just another great day in paradise. Rufus and Emily are wishing you and yours all the very best. Make it a fantastic day for you and your dachshund(s) – whatever you do, wherever you are. It’s easy to look at … Continue reading

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Thank you

We have officially concluded our DOGS Summer 2014 pre-sale period, and although we were SIX shirts shy of our personal goal we consider it a huge success. We received donations from 18 different states: AK, AL, CA, FL, GA, IL, … Continue reading

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Tour guide continued

Wednesday we showed visiting friends our favorite beach, but Tuesday Rufus and I showed another out-of-towner friend our favorite hiking trail: Shelf Road. I think these photos are especially sweet because in the top photo you see Rufus getting a … Continue reading

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Happy dachshunds

I truly believe my dachshunds are happiest when they’re being active with me. Emily will sometimes be reluctant to leave the house – the two reds are always eager and willing; I believe Emily is a real home body but … Continue reading

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Leaner Wieners

Part of keeping a dachshund healthy and happy is exercising them consistently and properly. It’s a brand new year and time to renew our commitments to physical fitness, and I know of no better motivators than my dachshund pack. Additionally, … Continue reading

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