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Friend Friday

Hello Friends! It’s Friday and we’re all excited for the weekend. Emily was feeling sickly this morning, but after some scary vomiting, we believe she’s now on the mend. Paws crossed that the worst has already passed. Just in time … Continue reading

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They love me!

They really do love me. Or at least their shirts say it’s so with complete certainty. I know with Mother’s Day fast approaching I should probably be showcasing an “I heart my mommy” tee, but I’m a daddy!!! #DachshundDaddy #ProudPapa We … Continue reading

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It’s all about the eyes

As a dedicated dachshund dude and photographer I take a lot of pictures of my hounds and their friends. Every artist has his own voice and point-of-view, and when I’m snapping shots of these little dogs with big personalities I really … Continue reading

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A lovely day in the neighborhood

Today we took the hounds for a walk around town and found this darling lemonade stand. We had seen it before in passing, but this afternoon proved to be the perfect occasion to snap a few shots. The purple polo … Continue reading

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Rufus loves you!

Rufus loves you! As you know we launched our 2015 T-shirt campaign / fundraiser a few days ago and have received a lot of positive feedback, but the one thing y’all want is more color options. So we listened and have … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving friends

Hello dachshund friends. Two things: 1) Tuesday, Nov. 25 was Emily Sue’s 3rd Birthday. Happy, happy birthday to my beloved black and tan. We spent the day chilaxing at home, one of Emily’s favorite pastimes. 2) Thanksgiving is nearly here … Continue reading

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Pet My Wiener.com promo

We’re thrilled to announce that for one week, we have partnered with the dachshund centric website PetMyWiener.com. With the holiday gifting season fast approaching now is a great time to start your shopping, and if you use promo code: RUFUS … Continue reading

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Rufus’ party video

At the behest of all of our friends that could not be there with us, we created a 20 minute video that captures Rufus’ 3 hour party – pretty much from start to finish. We considered live streaming the event, but … Continue reading

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Thank you

Wow. We wanted to quickly get a note out to all. Sunday was Rufus’ 10th birthday bash in Beverly Hills, and we were genuinely humbled by the outpour of support and love. Not only by the 46 dachshunds and 41 people … Continue reading

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Dachshund guests

I think one thing that made our dachshund art exhibit different (and perhaps better in my opinion) is that we allowed dachshunds and their humans to both join us. Some galleries can be uptight and obnoxious about allowing dogs in, … Continue reading

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