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Enjoying the weather

It has been cold in Southern California, but no nearly as icy or bleak as it has been in other parts of the country. So we decided to enjoy the warm(ish) weather yesterday and take a much needed hike. We … Continue reading

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Doxie holiday celebration

Sunday was LA Doxies’ 8th Annual Holiday Celebration. We had about 50 dachshunds and their humans. It was a great event with some wonderful hot dogs. To see some more photos from the big bash click here. Thanks to Karal … Continue reading

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Christmas countdown 2013

Only 17 days and counting until Christmas. Have you gotten everyone on your list? Have you checked it twice?! If you’re still shopping for that special something for your fellow doxie-friend, family or colleague we highly recommend a ROTW custom … Continue reading

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ROTW custom watches

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with May28th Custom Watches just in time for the holiday gift and giving season. Christmas is only 18 short days away and if you’re still looking for that prefect present for your favorite … Continue reading

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Emily goes dirt dapple

As previously shared, Emily loves to roll in the dirt. I captured these photos in October after a good rolling and she look a little like a dapple thanks to the strategic placement of dirt (all her doing). What I … Continue reading

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Rufus goes to the dentist

In the last 9 years Rufus has had two anesthetic teeth cleanings, two extractions and about 5 non-anesthetic teeth cleanings. In 2009, our community received some information that suggested non-anesthetic teeth cleanings were good regular maintenance for our dachshunds – … Continue reading

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Feel better Mike

Today’s post is dedicated my dear doxie friend – Mike S. Mike has been feeling under the weather as of late so today we’re featuring some of his favorite dachshunds. Feel better soon Mike and enjoy the photos. I hope … Continue reading

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Get well soon Bailey

Bailey and his human are extremely supportive of DOGS and our work, which makes them more than fans but genuine friends. So we were saddened to hear Bailey, the adorable piebald, was experiencing some infected paw problems. We’re certain he’ll … Continue reading

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Happy Monday

It’s Monday after a long weekend and all we got to say to our fans and friends is make it a great one. The Christmas countdown has begun so get ready for it. We’re looking forward to sharing some upcoming … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look like Christmas

The decorations have come out and the Christmas trees have gone up, and instead of elves helping us we have a pack of dedicated dachshunds. This is Lily’s first yuletide season so she’s a little shy about all the new … Continue reading

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