Not a chore

Not a Chore by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Not a Chore by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Dog people personalities are truly distinct from non-dog people. Too often I’m asked if I ever get tired of all the work it takes to properly care for a dog (let alone three). They ask if I miss my freedom to just get up and go. So here is my response, which I call “Not a chore.” Let me know if you agree.

Not a chore.

Caring for my dogs is not a chore, but an act of love.
Yes, I have to regularly pick up poop and occasionally clean up pee and vomit.
Yes, many days my dogs wake me to go outside before I’m ready to rise.
Yes, I have to feed, walk and bathe my dogs.
Yes, caring for dogs usually means dog hair is bountiful on clothes and furniture.
Yes, living with dogs means abandoning that crisp, clean showroom house for more comfortable and casual settings.
Yes, my dogs require a portion of my time and attention every single day; however, my dogs are not a burden, but instead are a source of joy and happiness.
My dogs do not restrict my freedom, rather
my dogs have introduced me to a new world of people, places and things I would have never known were it not for them.
It’s a privileged to be the custodian of these sweet souls I call my dogs.
Everything I do for my dogs is a demonstration of love.
I love my dogs, and
every time I look into their eyes I see my love returned.
My dogs are more than mere pets.
My dogs are family, and I’m happy to properly care for them and all that this entails.
My dogs are not a chore or task to be checked daily,
but an experience and expression of love I cherish every day we’re together.

Have a wonderful day friends.

Not a Chore composite by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Not a Chore composite by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Not a Chore composite by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Not a Chore composite by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

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9 Responses to Not a chore

  1. dackels says:

    i agree wholeheartedly…..

  2. Rahima says:

    Ditto. Well said.

  3. Barb Rogers says:

    Not only do I completely agree, I’d like to add that they are the finest therapists, fittness partner, listener anyone could ever wish for! I have 4, a Golden Retriever, a Border Collie, a Mini Dash. and a wee little 4 pound chihuahua. 5 if you count my Princess Bearded Dragon!

  4. Kay Murphy says:


  5. Cynthia Wyman says:

    ain’t it the truth only wish I could afford to have more than one. Love love love my dogs everyone I’ve had.

  6. Pam Watson says:

    Love this.. You and your dogs are inspirational.

  7. Mayree Lowman says:

    What a wonderful way to say what is so important to all who love dogs and other creatures too.


  8. Denise Beard says:

    yes, I 1,000 % agree!!! I would not trade the “chore” for the alternative of not having them.
    And frankly I do NOT see it as a chore at all, but feel LUCKY to be able to have the opportunity to care for them!!!!

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