Pet peeve

We’re big advocates for visiting both on-leash and off-leash parks and trails. We assert it’s great for our hounds to be comfortable in both environments. However, what I dislike a lot is when we’re at a designated on-leash venue (with clearly posted signs) and one human decides to let her dog off leash. Moreover, I really dislike it when said dog comes charging at my hounds (on leash) and her human proclaims from a distance, “It’s okay. He’s friendly.”

Two things: First, any declaration that your dog is friendly is fine, but that presumes mine are. If you don’t know me or my dogs, it’s probably best not to assume anything and ask before allowing your dog to greet mine. But wait, he was off leash and therefore she had no control. Hum. See the conundrum?!? Second, let’s say for example, your dog is truly friendly and mine aren’t. Your dog races up to mine excited and out of control while mine are on-leash and your dog gets bit. I would not be liable with animal services because it was your dog that was not obeying the rules but running off-leash. In fact, you run the risk of getting a citation by disregarding the rules and ruining the fun for everyone.

It comes down to mutual respect and consideration of your fellow man. Dogs on leash greet and interact differently than when they’re off leash, and too often controversy or trouble will arise when one is on-leash and one isn’t. Listen from time to time, I have taken my dogs off-leash while at an on-leash trail or beach – when I thought we were all alone, but when I notice another dog or person, I quickly get control of my dogs and ask the other person if they’re okay with the dogs being off-leash. Which I believe is the polite and proper thing to do.

What do you think dachshund friends!?? Is this reasonable train thought?? What has been your experience???

Rufus, Lily & Emily | January 2015.  Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

Rufus, Lily & Emily | January 2015. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels ©

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11 Responses to Pet peeve

  1. Pam Buckley says:

    Couldn’t agree more!! It is my pet peeve as well!!

  2. Mayree Low3man says:

    Couldn’t agree more!! One of my tweenies was attacked at on leash park by dog whose owner said don’t worry he’s friendly. Fortunately and totaly unplanned my vet was in the large dog area and heard my dog scream. She ran over and checked him out and he was okay. But the corker was what the owners said after: Well we thought that since she was big dog agressive she would be okay with small dogs. I mean,, really???

  3. Joy says:

    I agree 100%. I get dogs out of the shelter and like to walk them around the people walk at the dog park. They’ve been cooped up in a cage and need a walk. So I don’t even KNOW these dogs or how they will react to some goofy friendly dog running up to them. People say “he’s friendly” and I say “my dog is not” as I’m pulling my dog away from their dog. It’s a leash only area. If you remind them dogs need to be on a leash, they give you a dirty look.

  4. Shawn says:

    Yes! This is a huge pet peeve of mine as well. My dogs often have issues even when we meet other dogs out walking in the neighborhood and everyone is on a leash. The other owner will let their dogs come right toward mine saying they are friendly and I have to be quick to reply that mine aren’t or may not be as I steer them away. My pups have been attacked on more than one occasion by larger dogs and are especially fearful of them. I just wish people had better manners and more control of their pups.

  5. Davy Jones Doxie's Person says:

    Great topic and one I’ve had too much experience with! I’ve had some very unpleasant encounters with big dogs off leash charging me while my dogs are leashed and are obviously stressed out by the big dog’s approach. I’ve been cussed out when asking the big dog’s human to please call their dog back due to my doxie wanting to engage said big dog (he has a habit of muzzle punching any dog over 15 lbs and isn’t afraid of anything), while my Maltese is freaking out scared to death. It is obvious this is not a happy way for our dogs to meet, same goes for the people! I’ve gotten the same “oh my dog is friendly” line… followed by “he just wants to play, your dog is the one being mean”. Well, yes he is and so why don’t you **leash your dog**??!! The ignorance astounds me. Have some respect for leashed dogs, especially the small ones, we have them on leash for a reason, often more than just following the rules, it is to protect our dogs, and ourselves. /rant over

  6. Lilys' Mom says:

    I totally agree with you. We have a rescue Doxie whose socialization skills with dogs and humans needs work. She is either over aggressive with unleashed dogs or scared to death. We never know which she will be and it hurts her chances for increasing her skills.

  7. Lisa York says:

    i totally agree. as a dog owner you need to be in control of your pet.

  8. Jackie Sikora says:

    You’re absolutely right. The rules exist for a reason, & if they aren’t followed, you run the risk not only of a citation, but serious injury to your pet & quite possibly civil suits which can be devastating!

  9. Rowena says:

    It is more than reasonable to expect people to follow the rules, but unfortunately some dog owners are just plain clueless. I can’t stand it when I’m in a dog-friendly store and people just want to stick their hands into the shopping cart to pet my 2 little ones…without asking first! Just because they’re little doesn’t mean they won’t bite (they usually don’t), but some common sense would be in order here.

  10. I get very nervous taking my dachshunds to areas where there are dogs I don’t know, it can go wrong so easily. Alice was bitten by our neighbours dog as they left their gate open. Luckily he is only a toy poodle cross. If he had been a bigger breed, she could have been badly injured or killed.

    Years ago, I was walking our GS and we also had an elderly dachshund, so our GS was used to small dogs but a Sidney Silkie attacked her. She was wary of small dogs after than. Luckily she didn’t kill it out of retaliation since it attacked her face.

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