Earlier this week we were at the Lake. Although Rufus is a veteran sea-dachshund, this was Lily’s first time. I was thoroughly impressed by her bravery. In the bottom video, after we docked the pontoon boat and was heading home we stumbled upon two very indifferent ducks. Rufus had been eager to go after a duck ALL afternoon and thought he finally found his opportunity. Surprisingly to me, the ducks were not intimidated at all it seemed. We love our always entertaining dachshunds. Enjoy the videos friends.

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6 Responses to Fearless

  1. praw27 says:

    Guess I should have turned the sound off, my doxie went crazy! Such fun, though!

  2. Jackie Sikora says:

    Looks as if you guys had a great time! Surely somewhere someone can come up with a decent design for a doxie life vest. Maybe the person who designed those great harnesses should be working on that!

  3. Denise Beard says:

    I am so impressed that you can walk all 3 at one time!! My 2 go opposite directions & have such different paces that poor Dori gets pulled by Frieda.

  4. dackels says:

    they really had a good time. the ducks escaped the orange sauce, again. lily looks so much like rufus that she could be his offspring, especially her long, beautiful nose. xoxosusie

  5. Carol says:

    I have never had a dog (doxie) that has ever barked….I can’t say that anymore…My doxies name is Barking Barney…The only time je doesnt bark is when hes . Sleeping and when he takes a breath between barks…sigh I tried lots of stuff to get him to stop..tried Bark Collar..barks right throw ot..I do food foe reward ..us othwr stuff..do any of urs bark..Of. they do how much and if u got them to stop how?? Does it bother u..anyone have suggestions…

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