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Run Rufus Run

Rufus’ exercise regimen consists of many lapses around the backyard chasing squirrels. I love watching his ears flap in the wind.  

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Rescue doxie alert

Today we’re showcasing three rescue dachshunds in need of their forever home. Elizabeth the black and tan, Charlotte and Renee. I’m sorry but I can’t remember which is which (of the latter). If interested, please contact Dachshund Rescue and Placement … Continue reading

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Today is my 300th consecutive post featuring my original photographs of dachshunds. When we celebrated 100, the coveted spot went to Rufus. When we reached 200 we marked the occasion with a special sale and fundraiser. Today’s milestone goes to … Continue reading

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An Emily day

  After all the hype of yesterday’s squirrel escapade and attention given to our mighty champion hunter Rufus, today is all about the sweet and demure Emily. I love Rufus and he will forever be my prince, but each day … Continue reading

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Rufus snagged a squirrel

The squirrels have been taunting Rufus all summer and his obsession has worried me. Then this morning he snagged himself a squirrel. Yep. One dead squirrel. I never would wish harm to another living being, but in that moment as … Continue reading

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Piebald puppy

In January when we went to get Emily we also got to meet two of her three sisters: Myfanwy and Madison. Myfanwy is only in West Hollywood and relatively close to us, but Madison went to Northern California. So we … Continue reading

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Dudley is a foster pup I photographed in April 2011, and I’m happy to report he is thriving in his forever home today. I’m thrilled that I was able to help in his placement via my photographs. If you can’t … Continue reading

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Pensive Emily

Emily sometimes has this very pensive way about her. She commonly looks as though she’s deep in thought which of course causes my own mind to consider what she must be thinking. To know the mind of a dachshund.

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Chunky sweater weather

When we’re home cuddling on the couch on these cool desert nights, I like to put my dachshunds in a chunky warm sweater. The sweaters are not great for mobility, but perfect for sitting on the sofa watching TV or … Continue reading

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Snuggle buddies

Rufus and Emily enjoy their Jackrocketwear buggle snuggle bed and keep warm during these cool and wet fall like days in Southern California. They make an adorable pair, don’t you agree?!

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