LA Doxies’ Father Day Meetup in photos

Rufus & his human

For the first time since October 2019 (by my count) our dachshund monthly meetup finally had an in-person meeting this Sunday, June 20th. It was so nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones. It was truly a lovely afternoon, and an excellent way to celebrate dachshund dads and their families. Perhaps this will be a new beginning for our group.

In the last few years too many of our dachshund friends have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, and I was not entirely sure what to expect this past Sunday. I wonder who might be left. Who might show up. However, I failed to really realize that people are becoming new dachshund parents every day, and I got to meet several new dachshund puppies. (Excitable squeal.) It was renewing for my soul to see so many young dachshunds and their families just starting their journey.

If you were in attendance on Sunday, and want high res digital negative(s), please email me for details — johnny AT johnnyortez DOT com. For a small nominal fee ($6 total) you can have yours. I’m happy to donate my time and talent, but any help you can offer to recover some of my hard cost (Flickr hosting fee, Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, etc); I’d be greatly grateful.

Enjoy the photos friends, and stay tuned for the details of next one.

Best, JOT ✌🏼🥰

LA Doxies’ Father Day Monthly Meetup

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3 Responses to LA Doxies’ Father Day Meetup in photos

  1. dackels says:

    Hi. We sort of knew about the meet up, but it wasn’t a good day for us. Lots of new beautiful members… so many blondes or creams. Do we have a new website? We miss seeing you and the “kids”. XoSusie

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  2. Joy Fisher says:

    Dachshunds and “their people” look happy to be getting back to normal and meeting up again 🙂

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