Porch pack portraits…

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | www.Rufusontheweb.com

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | http://www.Rufusontheweb.com

Friends. When this pandemic is finally over, and we tell the story to future generations of where we were when it happened and with whom we were quarantined, what will you say? #FoodForThought

In addition to any personal anecdote and recounting of the great pandemic of 2020; I want to offer our dachshund community their very own Porch Pack Portrait of a Pandemic. If you’ve been watching your local news or have been glued to varied social media outlets, then you’re probably aware of this trend: Front Porch Portraits. #GoogleIt Photographers are doing it all across the nation, and I want to join in and ensure our short-legged, long-bodied sausages are thoroughly represented.

As Southern California’s own doxierazzie, dachshund fine art photographer, I am willing to travel all over Ventura and Los Angeles County and do the same for our handsome hounds and their humans.

Here are the rules:

  • No touching.
  • I’ll work from outside the front of your house, staying a minimum of 6 feet away. I will be traveling with my tape measurer to ensure accuracy. If you live in a condo or apartment, we’ll consider shooting from your balcony. I will not enter private residences at this time. So the shot must be had from outside, and I’m happy to be creative about it. #WindowsAreGoodToo
  • I want to photograph families that are quarantined together; therefore, this isn’t the time to call friends and extended family over. I want to capture who you have been sequestered with these last 40+ days with an emphasis on your dachshunds (and other pets are also welcome).
  • This is not a glamour shoot, unless you’re just naturally a glamorous person. Many of us are in need a haircut, our professional manicure and pedicures are lone gone, the facial hair of men seem to go unchecked and I suspect many of us have given less attention to personal hygiene today than we did before self-isolation started. My commitment here is to capture the life of quarantined families and their fur kids. #CaptureAMomentInTime
  • I welcome your creative art direction. If you and your family want to dress in bathrobes or other thematic clothing and use props like coveted toilet paper, hand sanitizer and Clorox disinfecting wipes, I welcome it. The more creative, the better I say, but I’m also cool with a simple, clean and classic portrait of a pack. Creative direction will be at the discretion of each individual household.
  • Each porch pack portrait participant will need to sign a doxie model release prior to me snapping my first shot. I will be traveling with printed stack of these releases.
  • Each photo shoot will last between 20-30 minutes. These are shoots are intended to be fast and fun.
  • Ideal times to photograph are before 11 am and after 3 pm; but exceptions will be made upon request.
© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | www.Rufusontheweb.com

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | http://www.Rufusontheweb.com

Additional logistics.

I am not looking to make money from this endeavor, but I’m also not looking to lose money. I am happy to donate my talent and time for free, but I need participants to cover my expenses (like gas, wear and tear on my camera and lens, hard drive storage, etc).

After some serious thought, I found the following breakdown to be very fair; the price listed is per household base on location (in relation to my home base):

  • $25 Ventura (9 miles) / Oxnard
  • $25 Camarillo (13 miles)
  • $30 Ojai / Oak View (23 miles)
  • $35 Carpinteria / Summerland (25 – 30 miles)
  • $40 Santa Barbara / Goleta (36 – 44 miles)
  • $40 Agoura Hills / Thousand Oaks / Simi Valley / Calabasas (30 – 39 miles)
  • $45 The Valley (Studio City / Encino / North Hollywood / Burbank) (47 – 59 miles)
  • $50 Los Angeles (WeHo / Hancock Park / Beverly Hills) (59 – 65 miles)
  • $55 Pasadena / Arcadia / Montebello (68 – 75 miles)
  • $65 Lancaster / Palmdale (88 – 96  miles)
  • $100 Long Beach / Huntington Beach (85 – 101 miles)

** Miles above represented ONE WAY. **

If you’re asking yourself, what’s in it for you, well… each participant will receive a minimum of 3 color corrected, photoshopped digital negatives for their own personal (non-commercial) use for social media sites, printing, etc. You’ll be left with some sweet keepsakes from these challenging times that will perhaps act as a forever remembrance that it wasn’t all bad. #StrongerTogether #BringALittleCheerToOurWorld

Now here is the key component to this #PassionProject of ours, this limited-time offer is only good while the stay-at-home orders remain in effect. I’ve checked and Ventura and Los Angeles County “safer at home” health orders expire on May 15.

Starting tomorrow, that gives us 17 full days. I’m willing to work from sunrise to sunset, if our community demands it, but that’s the window we have. If the orders are extended, the offer may be extended, but… let’s please anticipate that our final shoot date will be Friday, May 15.

When I was a young college student studying print journalism, I remember thinking to myself, perhaps some day I’ll go abroad and report from a combat zone in Afghanistan, Yemeni or Syria. As I got older and more comfortable with my posh lifestyle, I knew I’d probably never visit a war-torn community overseas.

However, after surviving the Thomas and Woolsey fires, and now in the process of living through this pandemic of 2020; I no longer have to go much further than our own backyard to document the impact of this deadly occurrence and the effect it is having on us all.

My gift to you and our community, is that I’ll happily leave the safety and comfort of my home and daily routine, to #CaptureAMomentInHistory for you / us. I’ll be smart. I’ll be safe. And, I’ll do my best to snag a stellar image of our darling dachshunds and their pack for posterity.

Accepting bookings now. Don’t wait. Please schedule your shoot today via email, FB messenger, DM on IG, texts, etc. I’m a very accessible person so… please don’t hesitate to reach out. Looking forward to seeing you soon, paws crossed.

If we have 75-100 families participate (which would be about 6 families a day), I’ll consider complying a new book and releasing it with a print-to-order self-publishing company later this year; if that’s something our community wants. #ImSimplyAServantToTheLongDogandHisHumans ❤

Many thanks in advance for the consideration. Stay home. Stay safe. Wash Your Hands.

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© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | www.Rufusontheweb.com

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | http://www.Rufusontheweb.com

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