Wilacre Park in Fryman Canyon

Rufus | June 2012. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

Hiking makes up a significant part of our weekly routine. We try to hike about 3-4 days a week and many Saturdays with a sub-group of doxie friends affectionately called the Leaner Wieners Hiking Club. If you’re local to LA please feel free to join us sometime at Wilacre Park in Fryman Canyon.

Emily & Rufus | June 2012. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

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11 Responses to Wilacre Park in Fryman Canyon

  1. whitezinnia says:

    I’ve always admired the lean and fit look of your doxies—now I know why they look so great! More people should follow your example. I see way too many pudgy doxies around here.

    • Thank you! I believe the physical activity keeps both doxie and human – mind, body and soul – healthy + it’s a great bonding exercise. It bonds me to my doxie AND it bonds my doxies to each other. Happy Monday!! 🙂

  2. Kay Black says:

    I really do enjoy getting online to see the pictures of Emily and Rufus (and their friends). They are two very pretty doxies. We have two black and tan boys named Bo and Shug and they are my family. I like the body harness that Emily and Rufus wear…do you mind telling me the maker of the
    harness…it looks so soft but yet very secure. Thanks so much! Your pictures are beautiful!

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