Bonded pairs


Emily & Rufus | May 2012. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels


Today’s post pays tribute to two bonded pairs: Rufus and Emily and their friends Wes and Griz. I had a lone doxie for 7 and a half years, and Rufus was a fantastic only child. However, I do believe 2 is the magic number. After all, one is the loneliest number you’ll ever do. What’s your preferred doxie number?

Griz & Wes | May 2012. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

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11 Responses to Bonded pairs

  1. kathy says:

    i have a bonded pair….Yogi and BooBoo. Having two is actually easier..they help keep each other busy and happy. BooBoo is a black and tan long haired tweenie and Yogi is a cheweenie. We sure love our boys…

  2. Denise Beard says:

    such a beautiful pari!! I think 2 is the magic number too. Since they are so demanding of your attention I have 2 hands to pet each one!! IF there was a 3rd one would be left out & would let you know it!!

  3. Virginia Pretz says:

    Our 6 children are grown and on their own. We have 3 doxies. 2 male Brothers Schnitzel and Soby(same litter) age 4 (in July) and an 11 month old Female Vienna. Schnitzel and Vienna have a very strong bond and are constant companions. They sleep together at night and also eat together. He grooms her daily and when she is in the yard he is at the top steps keeping an eye on her. It is just so sweet. They all play together but Soby is more interested in what “Mom” is up to in the kitchen and laundry room. 3 is a nice number for us. My Husband works days and evenings and The companionship for me is great. These little doggies are such delightful and loving pets for older people. Not too big to cuddle with and they are totally aware when you are not feeling well.<3

    • I can see how 3 might be the magic number for some. Thanks for sharing. Your 3 doxies sound lovely.

    • Ha, ha, Vienna Schnitzel, that’s cute! 😉 I’m from Vienna. Sometimes I call my mini doxie, Susi, Schnitzel, too. As she likes Schnitzel she might like to be called one, too. 😉 Her companion is a mini pincher, Snoopy. They love each other dearly. Every morning they lick their faces clean, including the ears, and cuddle a lot. At home Susi is the leader, all resources like food or toys are hers (she thinks), when we’re outside, however, Snoopy is leading the way. Whenever she is flirting with other male dogs, he first barks away his rival and then scolds Susi and pretends to bite her ear for being unfaithful. ;-D

      • Virginia Pretz says:

        Now, THAT is sweet! We wanted to name Soby Pretzel but he was a little older when we finally got him. The Person that had the litter (with the 2 boys) would not sell us the two boys together so we kept track of Soby’s 2 other owners here in our Mobile Home park. He kept “Escaping ” their yards and coming over here to play with his brother! I took that naughty Weenie home 2 or 3 times a week and every time he would come back clear across the park to play with Schnitzel! Finally the owners said he liked our house better than theirs and gave him to us! That was 2 years ago! They are such loving Animals.

        Last Fall I really wanted a baby girl and was lucky to find Vienna Last November! She is SUCH a girly Girl with her curly ears! They are wonderful company for me and yes, all 3 sleep with us at night! The Burrow to the bottom of the covers and keep our feet warm on Kansas Snowy Winter’s Nights! I’d send you a picture but no way to do that in this blog! I would love to see your Susi and Snoopy! (Cute names!) my email is or I am in facebook under Virginia Roccaforte Pretz if you want to request a friend. Thanks for writing.:-) Virginia

  4. Virginia Pretz says:

    Vienna pink collar, Schnitzel Black Collar, Soby Blue Collar…Just a little fun with a 50 cent 6 ft Alligator we got at our City Wide Garage sales this summer…enjoy

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  7. Sharon Denitto says:

    I actually have twin doxies but are fraternal, so they have the same face features but are different colors and they were born on Christmas Eve. The doxies before Mookie and Niko, were cousins and different – black/tan and red. Niko was a cream but now at 8-1/2 is like a dark sandy color. Mookie who is 1 minute older was a red but now is like a coppery color.

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