Wirehair puppy. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

Puppy time. Here are few more beauty shots of the adorable Sophie’s puppies. They were only 6 weeks old when I last visited but already they’re developing their own personalities. Here are a few of the extroverts that really gravitate to the camera.

Wirehair puppies. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

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8 Responses to Pup-pup-puparazzi

  1. Veronica says:

    Sooooo cute!!!!!!

  2. Precious! Love love love the wirehairs.

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  5. Dell says:

    Hi, These are Sophie’s puppies right? I have one of the little girls. We named her Lucy. She is a funny little girl. Loves her other two Doxie brothers. Love all the Doxie photos.

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