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RufusOnTheWebBonus, a set on Flickr. About half way through these first 100 posts I started to offer bonus pictures on varied social media outlets to drive traffic to the website. Like an amuse-bouche, the picture is intended to titillate your … Continue reading

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Emily & Rufus weekend part 2

Lazy days of Spring. Emily and Rufus lounging on the couch, one of their favorite places to hang and play with their toys.

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Who did it?

The top photo is Milo and below is Rufus; this is a case of who did it? What’s your guess? One note, even a guilty doxie is completely adorable.

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Rufus has an obsession: squirrels. A backyard with several fully mature trees and few saplings keeps Rufus busy many days. Each visit outside requires careful inspection of the tree trunks, potted plants and complete grounds.

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My dachshunds

Dachshunds truly represent a unique breed of dog. From my personal experience I have seen an intelligent, independent and alert hound dog. I love my dachshunds.

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Sleeping Rufus

One might think a sleeping doxie is boring and uneventful, but humans of dachshunds know different. Watching a sleeping doxie is like food for the soul. To see a normally active doxie pause and rest, allows us to see their … Continue reading

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Delightfully charming


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His favorite chair

My better half came to my desk yesterday and requested that I take a picture of his dachshunds on his favorite leather chair. Part of any happy relationship is one’s ability to simply say yes. I added it to my … Continue reading

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Rufus’ sweet face

When Rufus looks up at me with those bright brown eyes, my heart melts and the woes of the world disappear – even if for just a moment. The dachshund is not necessarily right for everyone, but if it’s your … Continue reading

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Action Rufus

Action shots are not generally my forte. I’m more often a “wait for the moment” type of doxie-arazzi photographer. Nonetheless, every now and then I manage to get a shot that I enjoy and want to share, even if Rufus … Continue reading

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