DOGS T-shirt Spring 2013

A D.O.G.S and Sugar Bear Designs collaboration for charity.

A D.O.G.S and Sugar Bear Designs collaboration for charity.

D.O.G.S and Sugar Bear Designs collaborated for charity by joining the forces of photographers Johnny Ortez-Tibbels and Kristin Adams. Adams took an Ortez-Tibbels original image and added her influence to make theses limited edition tee.

The shirt is a canvas made in the USA unisex shirt, and it is the charity’s gift to anyone making a tax-deductible donation of $40 (which includes shipping and Paypal fees). The charity only produced a total of 50 shirts; when they’re gone, that’s it. You can only get this shirt here! If you’re looking for that one-of-kind T-shirt while fulfilling your philanthropic goals, this is a great opportunity to marry the two.  Remember if we’re out of your size consider getting it as a gift for a family member, friend or colleague.  The smaller unisex sizes are also great for children and young adults.

These are the sizes and quantities the charity is offering. They will be distributed on a first-come and first-serve basis. If your preferred size is out of stock you’ll be contacted about an alternate size (if one is not already indicated).

2XL – 3 COMPLETELY SOLD OUT  5 / 28/13

*** All shirts have been completely sold. Thank you for your support! ***

Make your tax-deductible donation today by clicking here, and have your shirt shipped 2-day UPS.

UPDATE 6/20/13: It’s with great glee and joy that I’m thrilled to announce that after only 29 days we have received donations for 73% of our inventory and have shipped shirts to 22 different states:  AL AZ CA DE FL IA IN MA MD MI MN NC NM NV NY PA TX TN VA VT WA WV.  Very humbling experience.  We are very grateful for the support, thank you!


DOGS T-shirt Specifications

DOGS T-shirt Specifications

Sugar Bear Designs

26 Responses to DOGS T-shirt Spring 2013

  1. Debra Benton says:

    I paid for a T-shirt through PayPal, but didn’t get the chance to say what size I would like. I would like the 2XL if at all possible. My email address for PayPal purposes is

  2. Eileen Tucker says:

    When will you have more XL and 2XL shirts available?

    • We are charity – not a “store” or “shop” so we will not be getting any more XL or 2XL. These are limited edition collector’s shirts and our gift to folks that make a $40+ donation. I do plan to create another shirt in the Fall, but it will be a different dachshund and color. Perhaps next time. Thanks for asking. 🙂

      • Sharon O says:

        Will be anticipating the next edition . . . hoping these are good fund raisers for you – I usually pass as I feel the actual $$ donation does more good. Was selfish this time and just couldn’t pass up the pup! Thanks, again.

      • Jeanine says:

        Is it possible to be on a mailing list when you do have more shirts (if you so decide) in the Fall? You need to make more 3XL next time and would totally get at least 1. Thanks

  3. Jennifer Mattly says:

    Let me know if you do another printing… 🙂

  4. Deborah Kovach says:

    Help! Made the donation…not asked for a size. Please send SMALL if you still have them!

  5. margee says:

    Are the sizes listed above childrens size? I would order a large if they are adult size, but question a large adult size with a 22″ chest? Thank you!

    • Yes. The sizes are ADULT. They are “preshrunk” 100% cotton – which sounds odd, but apparently true. Made in the USA. When I washed my medium, it remained pretty true to size (no additional shrinkage was experienced). Of course, I recommend folks wash in cold and hang dry if concerned. I only have FOUR Larges left (6/10/13). Thanks for the consideration. I think it’s a great T-shirt!

  6. Hi there!! Love the shirt!! My Daughter (Meaghan Riley) just made a donation but wasn’t asked for a size! Please ship a SMALL!! Can provide email and receipt number if necessary! Thanks bunches!! 🙂

  7. Barbara says:

    I, too, was not asked about T-shirt size, although I requested a Medium in “special instructions” section. If color and fabric content are options, I would prefer athletic heather 90/10. Thanks for your work with dachshunds – my favorite breed!

  8. Amy Pfender says:

    I made a donation and would like a L t-shirt.

    Thank you,
    Amy Pfender

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  14. Im not real bright on the computer. i dont understand donation. does that mean the price of the T shirt?? or 814 553 9815. My daughter luvs the T shirt and would luv to get this ordered. plz call asap Ty cindy

    • Cindy, I’m sorry but we don’t make it a habit of calling people – besides if we called you, you’d still have to make the payment online – because it’s the only means available to us to receive it. I totally understand you might not be the most computer savvy person but… you need to get the help of a friend or family member. Yes, when you click on the link it will take you to a Paypal donation site where you enter your donation amount. The pre-order on the shirts has ended. You can wait until November to buy one then. But, if you make a $40 donation NOW, I’ll reserve the shirt of your size and choice (whichever design). During the Paypal transaction it should allow you the opportunity to include a “note” – where you can indicate size and design (Colin, Preston or Smooth reprint). However, if it doesn’t OR if you simply forget, you can ALWAYS email me the info afterwards. We’re pretty easy over here. 🙂 Good luck and hope that helps.

  15. Ty for ur reply, I now understand that my donation is i get the T shirt. ty again for ur help. Cindy

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