Three little pigs

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

Happy Halloweenie Little Piggies © Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | || Big Bad Wolf by Brad Woodard – Thank you!

Earlier this month a friend of ours dressed his pack of dachshunds as mice. I don’t know if he said it, or if I imagined it, but in my head I heard three blind mice like the nursery rhyme; even though he had four happy hot dogs pretending to be meek mice.

Since we have a trio of sassy sausages, I really like the idea of dressing them as a group. So pulling inspiration from our friend Mike S., we decided our pack would be three little pigs this year. 🙂 Dachshunds in pig clothing is so funny for us on multiple levels. Mostly because the breed is naturally chow hounds, and they L O V E  to eat a lot, so it seems very fitting. #DachshundAreGluttonousGivingtheChance Also, we refer to our little Lily Blossom as a little piggy regularly. She really enjoys her treats and even snorts sometimes (similar to what I envision a pig might sound like in real life) so for us, Lily is our little piggy every day. ❤

What do you think friends?!??? Dachshunds in pigs clothes afraid of the big bad wolf OR dachshunds in pig clothes waiting to collectively pounce on the big bad wolf in a twist of fate?!? 🙂 Either way no dachshund or wolf was harmed in creating these festive images.

Quick caveat. I know some folks have a visceral reaction to seeing dogs dressed up in cute costumes. I get it. That’s not your scene. So look away.

But for us, and our pack of cute canines, we love it. It’s fun for all of us – hounds and humans, and it’s a wonderful bonding activity for us. Additionally, training our dogs to wear clothes (or costumes) is great conditioning should the need (in their potentially long life) arise for them to wear a surgical bandage or other dressing.

Rufus is 14 years old, and in his life he has had to wear a bandage a few times now, and because he’s used to donning clothes, he didn’t try to chew it off the whole time he wore it. #ClothesAreMoreThanFashionForDogs There is a function and reason to have one’s dog(s) accustomed to clothing. Food for thought friends.

Anyhow. My pack and I had a lovely afternoon playing dress-up and taking these shots for y’all. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them. ❤

© Johnny Ortez-Tibbels |

Happy Halloweenie Little Piggies © Johnny Ortez-Tibbels | || Big Bad Wolf by Brad Woodard – Thank you!

*** Big Bad Wolf illustration by Brad Woodard. Thank you! ****

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