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Dachshund lineup

Today’s featured photos are simply outtakes from a photo shoot earlier this year. To me they unintentionally look a little like a dachshund lineup, kind of like a police one. It’s a case of which doxie did it. However, the … Continue reading

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Doxie daddies

I normally do not feature humans on this site; however, this past weekend our local meetup group LA Doxies had it’s monthly meetup / Father’s Day celebration. As a treat to those who attended I photographed the doxie dads with … Continue reading

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Dachshund Rescues: Danny and Reggie

Introducing Danny and Reggie. Danny is a smooth dapple piebald, which is a non-AKC recognized pattern, but still adorable I think. Reggie is a smooth red. Both males are a little shy at first, and both are looking for their … Continue reading

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Happy 6th Birthday Kaia

Kaia has been a regular on this site, and before I got Emily Sue – my very own black and tan, I got to practice with Kaia for two years. Bonds are formed: doxie to doxie and human to doxie. … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

Fathers come in many different forms. We have our biological fathers whom we can thank for our very existence and their DNA. Many of us also have male role models in our lives that nurture us, encourage us, teach us … Continue reading

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Emily’s smile

My smooth black and tan doxie, Emily Sue, is a so darn precious.  She is completely nuts and certifiable, but she make me laugh daily and I can never stay mad at her for longer than a few seconds.  I … Continue reading

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More sibling sweetness

Rufus and Emily make me smile. Wishing everyone a good one. Make it a doxie-tacular day friends.

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Do you know what it’s like to only know someone through pictures?! Smirk. Well, I’ve known Wilbur for many years, but yesterday was the first time we actually met in person. Wilbur was among a batch of rescues that included … Continue reading

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It’s Dexie!

Dexie just makes me laugh. She’s such a character with so much personality. What do you think?!

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Dachshund camouflage

I love how the lines of Emily and Rufus almost disappear against their respective backdrops. What do you think?! Make it a terrific Tuesday friends!

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