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Emily’s floppy ears

I heart Emily’s big floppy ears and bright brown eyes. She’s my brown-eyed girl. This was Emily at yesterday’s LA Doxies May Meetup soaking up the sun and enjoying the lush green grass. It really was a perfect day for … Continue reading

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Leo & Polie

Rufus and Emily’s friends: Polie and Leo in their Sunday’s best.  The smooth chocolate and longhair chocolate dapple make it looks so easy to be cute.  What do you think!?

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Abbey, Dexie & Frankie

Dachshund, doxie, wiener dogs, hot dogs, teckels, badger hunters, sausage dogs, low riders – whatever you call them, I adore them. Have a wonderful day.

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Dexie & Frankie

Dexie and Frankie belong to human sisters so they’re cousins in my mind. Together the two reds posed for some wonderful pictures. I think it’s fun to have a rainbow coalition of dachshunds – of varied colors and coats, but … Continue reading

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Abbey & Dexie

Abbey and Dexie came all the way from Washington State to be photographed this week. I meet Abbey and her mom when she lived in Southern California, and I first photographed Abbey in 2011. However, since then Abbey and mom … Continue reading

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It’s a doxie party

Yesterday was our final day hosting Polie and Leo. We had a great six days together and celebrated our last day with a private party for four and a photo shoot. It is always fun to spend quality time with … Continue reading

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Smooth doxie pack

Yesterday was a real treat. We got to hang out with some old friends: Frankie, Abbey and Dexie. I photographed Frankie and Abbey in 2011, and the two are part of the book 102 Dachshunds. However, Dexie came later so … Continue reading

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Rufus and Emily are playing host to a few friends for a couple of days. One of them is Leo, the longhair chocolate dapple, and he is today’s featured dachshund. Leo is my newly acquired shadow. Much like Rufus, Leo … Continue reading

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Digging doxie

Dachshunds like to dig and I like to watch them dig. They just seem like a real natural at it. If you look closely at the composite above, you’ll see the dirt flying.  Luckily my two doxies aren’t dedicated diggers, … Continue reading

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Dachshund security

Rufus makes a great security guard.  I definitely feel safer with him around.  I know with Rufus on the watch, I’m safe from all the neighborhood squirrels.

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