Doxie Rescue Alert: Ernie

Ernie | January 2013.  Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

Ernie | January 2013. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

Ernie is a 24-pound, well-mannered, red smooth rescue dachshund. He is not quite a standard but a solid tweenie, and an estimated 1 to 2 years old. Interested persons can contact Tamara Pitman directly at (310) 857-0086 or via email at Please share. Let’s get this doxie his forever family. To see a special Ernie Flickr slideshow, click here.

Ernie | January 2013.  Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

Ernie | January 2013. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

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9 Responses to Doxie Rescue Alert: Ernie

  1. whitezinnia says:

    I hope he finds a great home! But you know, he is definitely a standard. Standards start at, I think, 18 pounds.

  2. in regards to weight for a standard. we recently rescued a very thin male, 2 years old. he has beefed up since we have had him, but I am worried he is getting too beefed!! how much should a male standard weigh to be healthy?

    • whitezinnia says:

      You can’t go by weight, you have to go by appearance. A standard can weigh up to 30+ pounds if he’s big enough. The doxie should have a definite waist and not have a rounded belly. The neck and shoulders should not look pudgy. Basically, if the doxie does NOT look like Rufus and Emily, he’s putting on weight and should go on a green bean diet (replace half his food with canned or frozen green beans for a week or two until he looks nice and slim). A skinny doxie is a happy doxie!

    • A good rule of thumb: You should be able to place your hand on the dachshund’s back (thumb on spine) and fingers on the side follow from the top (head) to the bottom (tail) and feel the ribs over a thin layer of fat. Like an old fashion washboard. You don’t want to be able to see the ribs, but you do want to be able to feel them (easily). A waist line is also another good indicator. All doxies should have a waist line – between the end of their rib cage to the hind legs, there should be a clear waist (it should not be one LONG TUBE). Hope that help! 🙂

  3. Jane Krueger says:

    Ernie is such a beautiful doxie! Wish that I could take him right now! He should have no problem finding a home!

  4. tamara says:

    Adopted! Johnny’s pics are so beautiful.

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