102 Dachshunds day 5

Page 84 of 102 Dachshunds | Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

Page 84 of 102 Dachshunds | Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

I really like this spread – pages 84 through 85.  Each page tell a singular story all on its own, and each two-page spread tells another story when you look at them together.  On page 84 the female wirehair doxie named Trouble offers her best look of indifference while on page 85 the playful puppy Peanut is eager to engage.  Looking at them side by side, I want to laugh.  It’s as though Peanut wants to play with Trouble, and Trouble is saying, “go away pup, you bother me.”

The book is intended to invoke a variety of moods and emotions.  It is my objective to have people oohing and awing, smiling and laughing and perhaps even a few moments melancholy.  Get yours today, if you haven’t already: 102 Dachshunds.  All proceeds raised will be returned to the dachshund community we love via our outreach endeavors.  DOGS is completely volunteer run and operated.

Page 85 of 102 Dachshunds | Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

Page 85 of 102 Dachshunds | Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

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7 Responses to 102 Dachshunds day 5

  1. Virginia Roccaforte Pretz says:

    Peanut looks like he is a playful pup..and he is so cute! Trouble is adorable and has the face of an angel ❤ I am diligently working towards my own copy of this wonderful collection!!!!

  2. jane6156 says:

    No matter what their names are, they are angels to me!! I am like Suzanne Pleshette in “The Ugly Dachshund!”

  3. Denise Beard says:

    Hi Johnny,

    Just now received my book, I cannot wait to sit down with it & savor each page!!!!!!!!

    I had one question, can you tell me what the FMV of the book is so I can deduct that amount from my taxes since DOGS is a non profit/501 (c) (3). I know that according to Fed Tax laws, if you donate & receive something in return, you can only deduct the amount over & above the FMV of the item you receive. (since you did include a Donation Receipt with my book I am assuming that a portion would be deductible?) If not that is OK, as I am happy to help & would have bought it without the ability to claim any of it on taxes, just thought I would ask!!

    Thank you for the beautiful book, my daily RUFUSONTHEWEB posts in my inbox & all you do to help this WONDERFUL breed. I am in my 50’s & have had doxies since I was 5 & all of them have been rescues since I was an adult. They are THE BEST.

    Have a great weekend!!

    Best, Denise Beard

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