Lap, feet, looks and Rufus

Rufus | September 2011. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

Rufus is either in our laps or at our feet and he is nearly always looking up at me for one reason or another. Rufus has many different gazes; sometimes it’s a wanting look other times it’s a look of love, I imagine. Point, I never grow tired of Rufus’ presence or looks. In fact, I feel happiest when he is near. Life with a dachshund is good.

Rufus | September 2011. Photo by: Johnny Ortez-Tibbels

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9 Responses to Lap, feet, looks and Rufus

  1. Virginia Roccaforte Pretz says:

    Awwww Love you too Rufus ❤

  2. kb5t6l7c says:

    His eyes in the bottom photo…so intense…you can see his love for you in his eyes in that photo!
    “Life with a dachshund is good.”…that’s a good quote! If my two are not in my lap or at my feet, they are gazing at me from their favorite chair or are sound asleep! Great photos!

  3. kdblack says:

    Oh wow, the bottom picture…Rufus’ eyes are so intense…you can tell how much he loves you by the look in his eyes! “Life with a dachshund is good”..I like that quote!! Nothing could be more true! With my two, if they are not at my feet or in my lap…then that means they are sound asleep!!
    Good pictures!

  4. Denise Beard says:

    yes, life with a doxie is the best!!!

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  9. Matt West says:

    My Kaiser loves to stay at or around my feet. Anywhere close by really. His favorite activity is to lay on his blanket right beside my work desk

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