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Rufus and his chickens

As a dad of a dachshund it’s truly a task to find a dog toy that isn’t torn into pieces in minutes. However, as I continue to search for something that Rufus won’t destroy in record time, I am optimistic by … Continue reading

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Emily’s purple

The color purple represents royalty and is often associated with nobility. The color can also suggest riches and romance. For me all these things are present in these pictures of Emily with the fallen purple foliage from the Jacaranda tree. … Continue reading

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Wilacre Park in Fryman Canyon

Hiking makes up a significant part of our weekly routine. We try to hike about 3-4 days a week and many Saturdays with a sub-group of doxie friends affectionately called the Leaner Wieners Hiking Club. If you’re local to LA … Continue reading

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Pool party

Last week I bought one of those run-of-the-mill kiddie pools at a local drug store, specifically to keep the dachshunds from becoming hot dogs. This weekend while we were doxie sitting some friends I decided to try it out. Emily … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Kaia

I’d normally not showcase another smooth black and tan doxie the day after I featured one, but today is a very special day because it’s Kaia’s birthday. Kaia is 5 today. Happy, happy birthday.

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Cricket, the smooth black and tan

Continuing our showcase of lone doxies, it’s my pleasure to introduce the smooth black and tan named Cricket. She was a friend of a friend’s dachshund and though our time together was brief, she was a brilliant model as I … Continue reading

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Tumblr etc. is a standalone website, and in order to make people aware of its existence I used various social media outlets to titillate people’s interest. I gave reference to this once before, but if you’re on Tumblr, please visit us … Continue reading

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Marley, the longhair black and tan

Last week we gave tribute to bonded pairs. This week we highlight some lone doxies who seem to be perfectly content being the center of attention fulltime. Meet Marley the longhair black and tan, who was easy on the eyes … Continue reading

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Dachshund Outreach Giving and Socialization is our newly formed nonprofit 501c3. In addition to private donations we plan to sell dachshund specialty items – like canvass wraps, postcards, greeting cards, calendars, etc. – using some of the images you have … Continue reading

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Rufus Monday

While you’re back at the desk working for the man, think of Rufus at the beach basking in the rays and imagine yourself right there with him. Happy Monday.

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