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Bonding doxies

Weekly bonus pictures of Rufus & Emily. These were from a shoot I did on Wednesday and I featured a few on Friday, but I love the series so much I had to dip again from the stock. I love … Continue reading

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Senior doxie Baxter

The big finale to our week celebrating senior doxies is the 15 ½ year old longhair red dachshund Baxter Brunn. I think our senior doxies are something special and I look forward to having two of my own someday.

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Ear flip

What’s better than a picture of Rufus or Emily? A picture with both Rufus and Emily! All humans of doxies are familiar with the fame doxie ear flip and here is Rufus and Emily showing theirs.

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Senior doxie Daisy

Celebrating our senior doxies this week, I’m thrilled to showcase Daisy. Estimated to be 16 years old, Daisy was rescued last May (2011) from the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter. I love her white raccoon face.

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Just Emily

Emily is 4 pounds and celebrates 15 weeks this Friday. We have personally had her in our lives for only 6 weeks now, and I already have a stockpile of photos.  She is starting to really look like a dachshund … Continue reading

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Senior doxies

Our friends at Southern California Dachshund Relief are running an “adopt a senior doxie special” for the month of March so this week, in addition or our regular Rufus & Emily post, we’re showcasing a few of my favorite senior … Continue reading

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My dachshunds

Dachshunds truly represent a unique breed of dog. From my personal experience I have seen an intelligent, independent and alert hound dog. I love my dachshunds.

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Sleeping Rufus

One might think a sleeping doxie is boring and uneventful, but humans of dachshunds know different. Watching a sleeping doxie is like food for the soul. To see a normally active doxie pause and rest, allows us to see their … Continue reading

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Wirehair puppies

Turning 8 weeks old Sophie’s puppies show their independence and individual personalities. Sadly for me this Friday was probably the last time I’ll be able to photograph the complete litter of 6 as they have all been placed in loving … Continue reading

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Bella the longhair

Returning to our tribute to the longhairs, we’re showcasing Isabella Rose Soll or Bella for short. Before there was Emily, our own personal smooth black and tan, there was this black and tan longhair sweetie. We met Bella at a … Continue reading

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