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This weekend (and for the next week) we’re hosting an old friend – Benny, the chocolate smooth.  Benny was one of Rufus’ very first friends and although it has been about 2 years since we got some quality time together, … Continue reading

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Leo & Polie

Rufus and Emily’s friends: Polie and Leo in their Sunday’s best.  The smooth chocolate and longhair chocolate dapple make it looks so easy to be cute.  What do you think!?

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Digging doxie

Dachshunds like to dig and I like to watch them dig. They just seem like a real natural at it. If you look closely at the composite above, you’ll see the dirt flying.  Luckily my two doxies aren’t dedicated diggers, … Continue reading

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The dachshund community has been a real friend to Rufus and me. Thanks to LA Doxies, our local meetup group, we’ve made lasting friendships with people whom we might have never known if it wasn’t for our mutual love and … Continue reading

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Bertie is an adorable doxie, and one of Emily’s favorite friends.

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Triple threat Thursday

One doxie is adorable. Two doxies are heartwarming, and three doxies represent the fine balance of cuteness overload and a whole lot of mischief. What do you think, are these triplets charming or intimidating?

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