Petoji’s Hybern8 Beds

Petoji Kickstarter

Our darling dachshund friend Heidi models a Petoji bed. ❤

Rufus and friends agree sleeping in a comfortable, cozy bed is great. All dachshunds and their humans know, besides eating, dachshunds love to grab a good 14 hours of beauty rest daily. The only thing better than taking a siesta in the sun, is napping in a bed that’s custom designable, filled with hypoallergenic Cloud9 and comes with a 5-year fluffy guarantee.

D.O.G.S is excited to support our dachshund friends (and their humans) at for their Hybern8 Dog Bed Kickstarter campaign! Petoji is known for their Adventure Collars and Leashes, which are manufactured in their very own Texas facility. The Hybern8 campaign will help Petoji expand manufacturing capabilities and preserve their made in the USA commitment. Petoji is also making an exciting offer to our D.O.G.S Facebook fans. Share this post and tag 10 or more people and you will be entered to win your own Hybern8 Dog Bed! Check out the campaign friends by clicking here!

Petoji Kickstarter

Heidi and Frankie are like two wiener dogs in a bun in this fluffy Petoji bed. ❤

Two of the dachshunds behind the scenes inspiring their humans at Petoji are Frankie and Heidi.


Dachshund behind the scenes at Petoji and Hybern8 beds. 


Dachshund behind the scenes at Petoji and Hybern8 beds. 

Petoji Beds with Frankie

Petoji Hybern8 Beds


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  1. Jessica Anderson says:

    blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Hi,I’m hoping you can give me some encouragement about total crate rest. I know you went through that with Rufus. Gingerbread is 11 and has tweaked her back. Surgeon said it’s very mild and we might be able to avoid surgery with 2 weeks crate rest.Ginger is crushed that she’s been put in her crate with the door closed. It breaks my heart for her to be in there crying.  Help!!!

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