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Rufus’ posh life

Rufus lives the good life; proof is in pictures. 

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Skipper, dachshund rescue looking for a home

Skipper is a 4-year old, very unusual dapple coloring smooth doxie. His disposition is sweet and very needy. He wants to be with his person all the time or he cries. He would not do well in a home where … Continue reading

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Emily, the foster pup

Today we took possession of an 8-week old black and tan puppy from our local rescue (Dachshund Rescue and Placement). Out of the three available puppies, this doxie’s sweet disposition complemented Rufus’ best. The pup is a foster with a … Continue reading

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Doxie blues

Meet Seal a smooth blue dachshund and his sister Charlie Brown a blue and tan dachshund. At the time of the photograph both doxies were 11 months. To learn more about the Charlie’s beginnings click here.

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Whether on an area rug or tile, Rufus steals my heart.

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Rufus on the lookout

Rufus the constant vigilant watchdog; he promises to keep us safe from squirrel, cats, mail carriers and strangers.

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Grizzly, a wild boar wirehair

Grizz and Rufus became fast friends after spending one week together. Grizz is a super sweet female doxie, and reminds me of a Jim Henson muppet. These photos were taken with a film camera.

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Even dachshunds can make yawning look cute.

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Frank, the long-hair standard

Happy Birthday Frank! Today Frank is 4. Frank’s deep baritone bark can be intimidating, but truth be told he is just a big ball of loveable fur.

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Kassi & Zarek King

Rufus’ friends are not exclusively dachshunds. Kassi and Zarek King, sister and brother, are two of his human friends.

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